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Variation in Genuine Handwriting While Writing on an Unusual Surface

Nisha Potle, Sakshi Hemant Chavan, Yash Hari Kekane, Snehal Umesh Tembhurne, Nitin Pandey* and Yash Ranjeet dalvi

Published: 24 July, 2023 | Volume 7 - Issue 1 | Pages: 025-033

Forensic handwriting analysis is a specialized field within forensic science that aims to identify and compare handwriting samples for investigative purposes. This scientific note provides an overview of the fundamental principles, methodologies, and techniques involved in the examination of handwriting evidence. The note explores the importance of handwriting analysis in criminal investigations, discusses the underlying scientific principles, and highlights the challenges faced by forensic experts in this field. Additionally, it explores the advancements in technology that have aided the analysis of handwriting and conclude with the potential future directions of research in forensic handwriting analysis. This study focuses on the natural variation that occurs due to the unusual surfaces of tables and bricks, the variation occurs mostly in the class characteristics of the person like slant, speed, line quality, alignment, etc. Samples are collected on two different surfaces; a table and a wall (smooth and rough surfaces). And on the basis of these two surfaces, the variations in the characteristics of the individual are observed. The significance of the research is to find out the range of natural variation that occurs in the individual handwriting whenever there is a change in the writing surface.

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Variation; Handwriting; Slant; Alignment


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